Lisbon, Portugal

Hello Angels, Although Seville was wonderful, I couldn’t help but review Lisbon as even more so. It is a must see. Our first day in Lisbon we went on a little adventure to the main attractions of the city, but for me, they weren’t really up my alley. These attractions were; the Belem Tower, the […]

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Hello Angels, My full day in Seville started like this; A sleep in. Travelling is exhausting, but when you can squeeze in a little sleep in you definitely learn to not take it for granted. Once cassie and I were up and ready, we met some of the girls on our tour group at the […]

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Asilah and Gibraltar

Hello Angels, So sad to say goodbye to Marrakech, but our early start to Asilah was exciting! Another day spent on the bus, mostly sleeping because there’s nothing else to do. Along the way we stopped off in Casablanca to get lunch. Casablanca was pretty and I was sad that we couldn’t have stayed longer […]

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Marrakech, Morocco

Hello Angels, The bus trip to Marrakech took another whole day. This one was particularly painful as everyone was feeling a little ill from their stomachs not being used to spices and food in Morocco. We arrived to Marrakech at around 5pm and one group went to ride camels (I chose not to after hearing […]

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Fes, Morocco

Hello Angels, From Spain we all jumped on a ferry to Morocco! It was strange getting off the ferry and realising I’m in Africa. The bus came with us on the ferry so we all got on and had about a 2.5hr drive to a service stop where we could get some lunch. I was […]

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Grenada, Spain

Hello Angels, After Ibiza, our next stop was Grenada! Our trip from Ibiza to Grenada was spent on the ferry back to the mainland and then a looooong bus trip. We got to the hotel at around 9pm and were all exhausted from the drive we hit the sacks straight away Apparently Grenada is the […]

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Hello Angels, This week I was a bit nervous to be heading to Ibiza, party central, because I’m not much of the partying type. So Sunday morning we all set out to the airport to get a plane to an island called Palma to stop over where we then got on a tiny plane that […]

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