Botox Changed My Mum

I used to judge a person if he/she had botox injections in their face.

Oooohhhhh how wrong was I to judge.

My mum got botox.

Now before I explain why, I must say that my mum is beautiful, she doesn’t need botox for the reason you might think.

What people might not know about her is that she gets headaches often caused by constantly frowning.

I swear it’s a genetic trait. Even as I’m sitting here writing this post I’m frowning and I have a headache because of it. Maybe it’s because I’m concentrating, or maybe the screen is too bright in my dark room. Maybe when I go outside I frown instead of just squinting my eyes because I’m silly, I have no idea.

My mum used to tell me about when she was younger, she would walk to work or run errands, and she would get stopped by a stranger who would insist she smile because there’s “…nothing to be sad about”. Of course, being a splitting image of my mother, it happens to me too.

So, she decided to try botox to relax the muscles in her brow.

For a couple of months she said she had stopped getting headaches until the botox started to wear off. Immediately she noticed how much of a difference botox made to her daily life.

Headaches suck. Getting them so often because of frowning nearly 24/7 (okay….maybe that’s an exaggeration) puts such a damper on the mood when there’s no need to be in a bad mood…. IT’S JUST THE HEADACHE FROM FROWNING UGH. Relaxing the muscles allow so much more freedom, so much less energy being wasted on something so unnecessary as frowning. It’s tiring.

I think it’s changed my mum’s life.

If you suffer from constant headaches, maybe botox could be the answer. It’s an easier process than constantly taking painkillers.

Or at least to get rid of the lines on your forehead 😉

When I’m a little older I think I might give it a go to stop the headaches, but that’s a few years away.

Have you had any experiences with botox? Let me know about it in the comments!


Lots of Love,

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