The Anxious Traveller: Plane Hacks

Hello Angels, This is Part Three of The Anxious Traveller Series! Sometimes the most scary part of travel is the plane ride to wherever you’re going. So I’ve put together some hacks/tips to help you when you’re on the plane! 1. Choose your seat. Choosing your own seat can sometimes give you just that little […]

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Discovering Your Essence

Hello Angels, I decided to take a leaf out of my good friend’s book. She’s a hippie. I always loved the free spirited kind of people who you can feel their positive energy and aura surrounding them as soon as they walk in the room. I always wanted to be someone of the sorts, just […]

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Why I Quit University

Hello Angels, A couple of months before the move I was at a cafe with my mum when I broke down in tears because I didn’t know what to do with my future. So, mum told me that maybe I should go to University because it’s where all my friends would be and I’d get […]

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The Classic French Red Lip

Hello Angels, I have been inspired by french beauty the past few weeks and so I’ve tried a new look! I was always a little bit intimidated by red lipstick and I could never find the right shade to match my skin tone. But I fear no more, my friends, for I have found a […]

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